Multiple Releases on A PO for Other with non quantity bearing part master

If you enter a PO line = “Other” with a Part on the fly, Epicor will allow you to have multiple releases for that PO Line. If you have a part master where non-stock = True and Quantity Bearing = False and add that as a Buy to Other line, when you try to add another release for that line you get a “Warehouse record not on File” error

I believe E9 would allow multiple releases for a non quantity bearing part, not sure, but in E10 it appears this logic is only allowed for a POF.

Can anyone confirm this is the case in E10?

I have just tried this in

created a non stock non qty bearing part, created a PO line as type other and created a second revision ok.

Thanks. Looks like a bug in 10.1.500.33 then