Multiple Sales Order Lines for the Same Part (Job)

Hello all:

Does anyone else have issues with multiple sales order lines linked to one
part (job)? We get purchase order from our customer that has one line for
material and one line for labor for the same part. We then create a job
and link both of the sales order lines to that one job which increases the
quantity by the number of pcs on the two lines. In this case the quantity
for material is one and the quantity for labor is one, which makes the job
quantity two. In other situations the customer will send in a PO itemizing
the parts needed for a repair of a particular item, plus a line for labor,
so when we link them all to one job the quantities are increased. The job
quantity could be for ten pieces, but we are only shipping one piece that
includes ten billable items. How is everyone else handling this?

Thanks in advance for your help:
Mike Moloney

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