Multiple Task Agents

Scenerio at Hand: We have a Database and Application (DBAP) server and Application (APP) server, and we have Task Agents configured in the Admin Console of each server.
In this example, we will refer to them as Task Agent DBAP and APP.

Question 1: When logging into Epicor and using the System Agent Maintenance form, only one System Agent can be created.
Is it possible to configure more than one System Agent on the Epicor Application Side?

Question 2: We employed the concept of Task Agent Rules, in which the Task Agent APP is assigned the responsibility of processing the Multi Company Process of 10 configured Companies.
Will the remaining tasks (reports, postings, and so on) be processed by task Agent DBAP even when no rules have been configured on DBAP?

Question 3: We have a case where Multi-Company Process tasks are stuck (for known reasons) in Active and Pending Status, affecting the rest of the tasks processed later.
We believe that configuring two task agents and specifying tasks will reduce the effect of the failed tasks on other ongoing tasks.
However, based on the scenario described above, we have 160 Multi Company Processes in Active Status and 580 Multi Company Processes in Pending Status.
We attempted to print reports, however the process is still shown as Scheduled Task and is not being processed.
Please advise on how to ensure that the rest of the tasks are not impacted by the failed tasks by using two task agents.

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Question 1-3

This is a good read on how Task Agents work and their limitations: