[ Must Watch ] The Toothpaste Fix

Take 5 minutes and watch The Toothpaste Fix, do not fast forward - just watch.

Let me know your thoughts and opinions, do you agree or disagree with it?


An oldie but a goodie.


Thank you for sharing. This video reminds me of Thomas Sowell - three questions you must ask:

  1. Compared to what?
  2. At what cost?
  3. What hard evidence do you have?


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The moral of the story is this:

Make it painful for the people actually doing the work (the alarm) when it isn’t done right, and they will find a way to make it right.

Why didn’t the worker who came up with the fan fix it when they first had the problem? Because it wasn’t his problem until he had to reset the alarm…


Another classic is Felix the flying frog


Full story at Lessons in Bad Management: Felix the Flying Frog - SmartDraw Blog | Management
(sorry no video found for this one)

P.S. - An item on my “Bucket List” is to find the author of “Who moved my Cheese?” , and beat an apology out of him.


Great video!

Brandon you are so correct!! Like the three questions too.

Love it! Funny thing is, as soon as they mentioned the bell and stopping the line, I though, why not just use compressed air to blow it off the scale and avoid the bell and button pushing… then I thought, heck, forget the scale! What I got out of this is HOW we sometimes get to a solution.
No one employed a fan before they installed scale, why? Because the worker was solving a different problem than the management team. The worker was solving HIS annoyance, which we are much more motivated to solve than someone else’s problem. Did the workers even know about the empty box problem? I would think so, even if they did, it doesn’t mean they would have come up with the fan, even if they were consulted. I’ve seen this many times with teams, building a Rube Goldberg machine, then someone asks why they don’t do something else.
Always been a huge fan (no pun intended) of Simple Elegant Solutions…