National Accounts - looking for someone who knows this feature very well

I have a customer that has bought multiple others, so there are about 12 operating companies under one umbrellas with many customers each. We don’t use National Accounts because within some customer umbrellas we may have different discounts, terms, etc. However, for this particular umbrella company we do have the same discounts, terms, etc. Anyone familiar with National Accounts recently that can help me.

If I create a National Account can it apply to JUST this one umbrella company? I am trying to figure out the best way to issue quarterly rebates (done as a credit) and apply against all the 12 different companies (which equates to 269 (and growing) distinct customer masters).

Hoping someone has some insight for me on this.

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National Accounts in Epicor exist for two purposes - Managing central payment and credit. We have a few customers who are setup as National Accounts.

They do not help with rebates. For rebates if you want to give it to 12 customers you will have to issue 12 credit notes.

To generate sales reports for customer as a group you will have to setup Customer Groups.


Thank you for your answer. I should restate my question I guess.

My largest concern is applying cash. I want to create as a National Account, I THINK, so that we can apply the single payment across any one of these 269 customers (broken into 12 groups). I have reporting all figured out. It’s the payment processing that I am most after simplifying.

National account will work very well for payment processing. You will have to create one national account and add the 269 customers as child customers under it. Once it is done then a single payment can be entered as a one cash receipt and all invoices from 269 customers will be available for applying against it.


I thought you could set up multiple Relationship classes and then assign in company configuration?
Each customer could then be linked to one or more of the different classes depending on what you needed


This is where I start to get lost and we have been on Epicor since 2019. I am not dumb but this makes me feel it for sure. I have read all the help and ended up more confused.

My questions continue on the actual set up too. If you have one payer-bill to seems that is ONLY one to be used. Or do you set up a code MULTIPLE and then within that have NATACCT1, NATACCT2, so on and so forth?

Also the clarification Across National Account - how does this apply to the code and where does tiering come into play. Sorry to ask, but trying to learn and comprehend.

This is what the help says on Tiered

Creating National Accounts


  1. Define the relationship class that applies to the account in Relationship Class Maintenance.
  2. Use Company Configuration to implement national account functionality and set the relationship classes used to define accounts.
  • Tiered national accounts apply to accounts used in reporting and credit sharing.
  • Non-tiered national accounts apply to accounts used to define payer bill-to relationships.

Tiered is for parent/subsidiary companies. In other cases it can be non tiered. The check box “Across National Account” is selected so you can process payments irrespective of the relationship being tiered or not.

Help for the check box “Across National Account”

Accepts payments from any customer within the same national account, regardless of parent-child status.

We have this check box selected and use only one class for all three and are able to process single payments for all the customers in that class.

Thank you. So I created a Relationship Class and it will be non-tiered.

So now to add that relationship class to all the customer records. Does it matter who or which is the top customer ID? I might just pick one and go from there.

Next I am in my test environment and am not always the one applying cash is there a “trick” on how to apply the payment across multiple customer attached by class.

I think I tried this before but must be missing something.

Once the relationship is added in Company as the Payer To Relationship, in Cash Receipt you should be able to select any customer within that relationship and select any open invoice from any customer within the relationship.

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It does not matter who is at the top ID. You have to add parent and child customers under AR>Setup>National Account Relationship. It should show as under:


@Jonathan this is what confuses me… the company config stuff isn’t clear about what it’s doing and when. Do you really need to set these for it to work or is it like the GL controls in company config that are just defaults should everything else in the hierarchy be left blank (i.e. part class, prod grup, etc.)

In other words, what if you don’t set anything in company config, isn’t it all still defined by what you have set in the relationship and customer record?

It’s almost as if the instructions are saying , “you can only have this relationship code (and it’s settings) as ‘payer-bill to’ and this relationship code as ‘reports’ and this relationship code as ‘credit checking’.”

Almost as if you can only have ONE type of national account relationship for all customers in your database, but that’s just not true right?


You can create different types of national relationships. I do not think the feature will work without having classes in the Company Config. In our case we created only one class and use it for all three. We use this mainly for single payment from customers. Your use case may be different.


What do you mean “this feature,” and I am just saying Epicor defines two different types of relationships Tiered and Non-tiered so why then is there an option at company config (singular) when you can have two types or relationships?

I do not think the feature will work

I’m just confused and I don’t think the documentation does a good job outlining exactly how and why this works.

I don’t think the reporting feature works unless you have it defined at the Company config level. Then what ever class you have defined there can be used in the default reports to group on.

Aged receivables

Sales Analysis

So my question is, does that reporting option use the national account that’s defined at the customer level or the company level?

Very few here are. Don’t beat yourself up, some of this stuff is complicated, and really needs
subject matter experts to fully grasp or explain it. I certainly can’t.


Or better documentation in some cases.


It will only report on what is defined at the company config level. If you do not define a relationship class in company config the default reports error out when you select the “National Account” option. This is why I was going down the path that I might need to assign Multiple Relationship classes for each customer depending on what we needed. Some we need just reporting, others payer bill to and a few have credit sharing.

Maybe if there are enough “subject Matter Experts”(Amateurs) going to Insights we could sit down and get a working documentation of how it might work.