Native Service Method Negating Field Change In App Studio

Hey all,

We got a little creative and decided that in the Customer Records we want to allow a Customer to have Allow One Time Ship To be a possibility even if that Customers main address is not a valid ship to, against native functionality. This is because we want to be able to ship to job sites and not a Customers main address if it was something like an office building.

We thought to do this by creating a data view column that writes to the Allow One Time Ship To database column. We tested it and it seems like there is some sort of validation on Save that checks to see if Valid Ship To is False, and if it is, always set Allow One Time Ship To to False. After some brainstorming we have figured that no matter what it seems like there is no way around this validation, as we are cloud based and not on-prem.

Has anyone encountered another scenario like this and or managed to figure out a workaround?

Open to any suggestions!

What I’ve done in previous companies was create a primary ship to for that customer and name the Ship To ID “INVALID”. Then in Order Entry, have a BPM on the method that changes the ship to that looks for “INVALID” and if found, it checks the OTS checkbox on the order.

You cannot have “Valid Ship To” unchecked in the customer because when you do that means you cannot ship anything to that customer–OTS or otherwise.


When they save after that, it will prompt them that they need to enter a proper OTS address.


I see, was your use case here defaulting to OTS for the customers that had this “INVALID” ship to ?
You sparked quite a few ideas for us to discuss and I think we discovered a work around that best fits our needs.

Thank you for the help!

If I have more questions Ill post them under this thread.

-Javi T.

Spot on.


We did the same we called ours DNS for DO NOT SHIP