Need agentID and maintProgram values for /Erp.PROC.CashRecPostSvc/SubmitToAgent

Trying to submit to /Erp.PROC.CashRecPostSvc/SubmitToAgent but I keep getting errors for both agentID and maintProgram. I seem to have the wrong values.

Any idea what they should be?

Trying to post a cash receipt.

Look at your trace

I have and either I’m doing something wrong or I’m not seeing it set in the logs.

Do a trace with track changes only and run through the process you should see the values that Epicor passes on these calls

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Tried that as well. I get most of the values but since the call /Erp.PROC.CashRecPostSvc/SubmitToAgent isn’t made when I post the payment, I assume Epicor is making a different call or something to post the payment.

I got it to work, even though I’m sure the values aren’t correct. But it does post.

This is the json I’m sending that I got to make work:
“ds”: {
“CashRecPostParam”: [
“ACTType”: “AR Payment”,
“GroupID”: “test5”,
“agentID”: “”,
“agentSchedNum”: 0,
“agentTaskNum”: 0,
“maintProgram”: “SystemAgent”,

It shouldn’t work but it does. I can put anything inside maintProgram and it will allow it. So long as its not blank. Apparently running agentID blank is okay.

Moments like these are where I wish Epicor would have better documentation regarding their API. I’ve built countless apps using many different APIs and examples like or Braintree, I had all the answers I needed to make anything work. Shopify is another great example, though the their app side of this is a little more convoluted. There should be a key explaining each value, what is required, if there is only so many values allowed - what those values are, types, etc. Granted it shows it in the example call what it’s expecting but there is no specifications as to what is required or what values to input if I’m only allow to input certain values. Most values are straight forward, you can figure it out. The error handler is pretty good at explaining what I’m missing. But it’s still very lacking compared to most other APIs. Considering this is for a program that runs businesses, this should have all the documentation in the world with easy access to answers. A lot of time is wasted trying to make a call work. Can’t help but rant here.