Need By Date | How does it affect system?

I have a lot of users not using the “Need By Date” in orders. They do use “Ship By Date”. I want to create a BPM that forces them to use it, but i also want to explain why it is important to fill in the “Need By Date”.

So I am looking for a good explanation as to who “Need By Date” affects the system?
Any help would be appreciated.


I might start with the online helps “print version” of the - Scheduling Technical Reference Guide.
You can search it for the phrase “Need By” to find some quick references… how need by might apply in your environment.

For example this calculation is from the guide
for “Available to Promise”

total demand qty = Total Order Release Qty per Need By Date + Unresolved Demand Quantity (prior to Need By)

Need By is the customer’s Dock Date which logistics uses to figure the best way to send the order. The delta between Ship By and need by should fit with the shipping method.

If you commitments are not a fixed doc date then maybe they don’t apply.