Need some help with a BAQ/BAQR/SSRS Report to create SubQuery

I have a BAQ/BAQR/SSRS Report that lists my outstanding Sales Orders Linked to Jobs
shows me all the detail I need.
I now need to add the qtys short in the job material list
I can see how to add in BAQ but then that multiplies the the report result by each Shortage
I may have to add SubQuieries
Ive tried without success.
Can someone give me some guidance
this was my 1st stab

This is the result without Material shortages listed

Yes I think a subquery will fix this issue for you. They can be tricky, as you have to get the subquery perfect to get good matches in the top level query. I would suggest making a separate query to return the short quantities. When you get that query working by itself, make note of what you did to create it, then go back to this query and add a new subquery and reproduce the steps you took to make the subquery.

To join the two, you may need to make this a subquery as well, then join in a new top level query as needed. That should give you the results you are looking for. If you are still having trouble, post up a few more examples or export your BAQ for us to look at.

Good luck!