Need Terms to make invoice due on a specific date

Does anyone know if it’s possible to create a terms code that would make the invoice due on a specific date?

example: we want to have an invoice due date of 10/1/2024. If we invoice on 4/4/2024, the invoice due date should be 10/1/2024. If we invoice on 6/3/2024, the invoice due date should be 10/1/2024 etc.

I’m not really seeing how we could accomplish this using the terms code setup.

Has anyone done something like this, is it possible?

Our accounting department does not want to have to update the due dates on the invoices.

I don’t know if this would work, because I have never used it, but I would look at the Billing Terms section on the Customer. You might be able to do something with that. :man_shrugging:


I looked at that. Unless I’m not understanding how that works, it seems like it just let’s you specify if you want to invoice them on a specific day of the week or month. We want to continue to invoice them as we ship, but have their invoice due date be 10/1/2024.

I don’t think its possible to do this out of the box. Here are the only types of AR terms codes that are built-in:

Potentially you could create a function that would calculate the correct due date and trigger it to override the due date on invoice creation.

Yeah, I didn’t figure it would be possible out of the box.

Guess it’s time to do some trace logs and see what I can come up with…

Another terms option they don’t offer out of the box - deposit terms. Really could use some improvements in this area.

I like @aosemwengie1’s idea of using a BPM. Maybe something like adding a Due Date to the Sales Order, upon Get Shipments look for a certain Terms Code like “DUEDATE”, if found, override the Due Date with the date found in the Sales Order.

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@Mark_Wonsil I really like that idea. Thanks! I’m going to head down that path.

Have you tried setting the Terms Type to Monthly and then entering the Billing Day?



Then the Due Date should calculate off of the Billing Date which would be the same day each month.

Yeah, that doesn’t work for us.

Setting them up that way means we ship them everyday, but they’re shipments would only be selected for billing on the first of every month. Each month we invoiced them wouldn’t make all their invoices due on 10/1/2024.

Accounting wants them invoiced when we ship with a due date of 10/1/2024.