Need to edit customer Acknowledgement/PO lines


The question I am being asked is:

“How to confirm customer PO’s without lines that say shipped”

Can someone point me in the direction where to edit how our customer PO’s and/or acknowledgements. I need to remove the line/setting that will say if something has shipped. A customer will come back to the PO to edit/change and the first line next to the part will say shipped even though there were changes made.

Any thoughts?


If I made this to complicated essentially we want to edit the layout of the customer PO’s or acknowledgements to customize in our own way.


what SSRS report are you talking about, the sales order acknowledgement or the PO form printed from purchase order entry?

Sales Order Acknowledgement

Do you want to just hide it? What would you like it to say?

Yes, hide! My biggest problem is knowing where to go so I can edit the Sales order Acknowledgment.

That is a long topic. I tried to look for you in epicweb to see if there was a guide that lays it out for you. The best I found was the EpicorICETools_UserGuide_YOURVERSION. If you look at that guide and find the section about how to create a BAQ report using ssrs you may start to understand how the report works.

Basically you have a report data definition (this supplies the data), you have a report style (this is where you set the path of the report, what report data definition it uses, and other settings), and then you have the ssrs report file itself (a .rdl file).

For your situation you need to modify the report file itself (the .rdl) since you aren’t trying to change the data (the report data definition) and you aren’t trying to modify the report style settings. You are trying to modify how it displays which is all handled in the .rdl file.

Are you familiar with the report style menu item or the report data definition menu item?

The report style menu is where you would go to look up the OrderAck report and see where the report style points to. In other words, you go here to see where the report location is.

NEVER modify the standard reports. Always make a copy of it using actions>Copy report style.

Do you have teams Daniel? We could also do a webex if you need more help.

Well you are certainly very helpful and yes I do have Teams. This is a lot to take in and I’ll have to take a look tomorrow when our Epicor Admin is back in the office. I’m just the IT guy who knows how to find and use forums haha. If you’re online tomorrow I’ll send a reply to this thread!

The admin will be able to show you. :wink:

Hey utaylor, are you still available?