Need to understand Bank Statement Processing definitions

Hello,I am new to using Epicor and didn’t get all the training I should have. Can anyone help me understand what the numbers mean that are on the statement header in the bank statement processing module? Specifically, I don’t know what the Ongoing Balance and the Non Reconciled boxes are supposed to represent. They don’t seem to match what I would assume they mean. Shouldn’t the Non Reconciled amount equal the unmatched transactions? Shouldn’t the Ongoing Balance mean the amount of money left in the account? I appreciate any help I can get!

I’ll be watching this closely Cindy.

I just tried to get this going for CFO as we haven’t used it since going live in 2016… Needless to say the ongoing balance is everything that has hit the bank account since then… Doesn’t match the cash account at all. And I assume it’s because we haven’t been using bank statement processing or doing bank adjustments.

Check the Bank Account Tracker, you will get some idea.

Great idea Prash!