Negative Invoice Posted

We accidentally posted negative AR invoices when creating credit memos. This becomes a problem as the system let’s you post it, but when you go to apply the CM, it throws up an error about an invalid (negative) balance.
We already have a fix from Epicor to get this cleared up, but my concern is avoiding it altogether in the future.
Does anyone else have this problem? Do you have a solution for avoiding a negative invoice posting?

I am pretty ignorant on AR/AP issues but I imagine you should be able to place a BPM to stop negative entries.

Thanks Chris! I will look into that.

Did you come up with a longer term solution for this? We are in the same boat. We apply order discounts at the header misc charge level and invoice per shipment. On the first shipment invoiced, epicor applies the ENTIRE discount (even if it was just say one 10 dollar line and the discount was for 110). This means the AR invoice gets posted with a negative balance.

I did not. I will probably try a BPM but haven’t gotten around to it. We just use data fixes whenever it comes up. Regarding your situation, why don’t you add the misc. charges to the individual lines instead?

Or, for a header charge, could you select “Every” for the frequency and choose a percentage? That way it would discount each shipment.

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Wow thanks! Yes ours were set to first. I’ll test the “every” frequency! :slight_smile:

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Hi, We’re in the same position. What did the fix do?

Hi, the fix allowed us to bring the balance of the invoice down to $0 and mark it as closed. So we closed the erroneous invoices and then created new ones accordingly.