Negative Payments in AP - V 9.05.607B

I am working with a very old version of Epicor and had something unusual happen today in AP. Processed a bunch of checks but when printing, realized I didn’t put the checks in right in the printer. When I tried to reprint, I get a message that says “There are payments with negative amounts in the group for.” and I can only click OK and do nothing else.

Nothing looks negative except one debit memo on one account that was combined with a larger invoice for a net positive payment. What I can’t figure out is why it let me print the first time and with check numbers assigned, I’m stuck.

We do not own multi-currency, so that’s not the issue and our payment rounding is set to a penny (0.01) in the company config.

Any ideas? This check run has over 20 checks and I’d hate to have to post then reverse them all!


I suspect you won’t be able to post the group?
And the problem payment cannot be changed/deleted?

I had something similar a while back and was able to work around it with using UBAQ.
By setting the check number to zero in CheckHed… I could delete the line from the AP Group.
Not sure your situation is exactly the same so you would want to verify in Test first.

Thanks Bruce. I wrote a BAQ looking for the value that was negative thinking I could fix that, but didn’t think of changing the check number to zero. Not sure if they’ll be willing to go that route, but I will ask.

Did you look at system monitor? You can reprint from there . When I run checks I will choose the archive period of 1 day. Then if I have to reprint - I go to System Monitor under reports.

Hello Cathy,

That’s a great idea! Unfortunately, we didn’t set the archive and it wasn’t available, but I’ll make sure everyone knows how to do it the next time.

John Gillenwater