New Domain

Sorry, but have to say it: I cannot remember “” to save my life. After all this time I’m still heading over to to get my redirect. :smiley:

Some browsers have this thing called a “bookmark”.


Eww… wouldn’t I have to use the mouse for that!? KEYBOARD LIFE FOREVA!

Okay, I guess if I can just remember that it is epi and not epicor or e10, autocomplete should help and not require moving my hand all the way over to the mouse. :wink:


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AND when it becomes E11, you won’t have to change anything. :wink:

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Bookmarks are for losers.


haha Adam the new “Domain” hasn’t been new for over a year now… dare I say 2 LoL

But I get it, we changed the domain because of E11 and who wants to buy every number it would get pricey.

This name makes us a little more adaptable :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Plus we added P21 and if there’s a need we can expand into other products like HCM etc…

There’s a few other domain names that redirect here too see if you can find them lol

I know does… :wink:

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