New E10 Implemention freezing the first column in a grid

Hello everyone.
I’ve recently moved jobs to a new employer who is implementing E10, a total change in industry from my old work who were in professional services, so I am being exposed to a whole different set of modules and coming from E9, which is fun, and scary at the same time. :slight_smile: I am sure I am going to have a lot of questions, so apologies in advance if they may appear mundane, but perhaps they will spark some interest.

So a simple one, and I am sure the answer is just as simple. What is involved in freezing the left most column of a grid?


Try this

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You can also grab the edge of the horizontal scroll bar and drag it just like in Excel.


For the fear of sounding stupid here Jason, but have you got an example?. I tried what you suggested, but no cigar.

It is in the grid controls. The very small rectangle to the left of the arrow. The interesting I found is that you can grab it multiple times and make several fixed columns.



Thanks Greg, that is very sneaky.
Darn shame it does not work in the customization we have :frowning: But it does work in base forms. Yeah. Thanks for the clarification.


So it here and in this thread, we can use code too. Check out: