New error I haven't seen before

We’re ECM Cloud, and this morning we started getting this error. Has anyone else seen this before? I have no idea where to look.


Never seen that one before… What datalink is this happening in? All I can suggest at this point is to try the “Get Updates” button in the Integration are of the Admin panel to see if it resolves the issue.

This is on the pre-create invoices integration. I did try the get updates button. No luck there.

It was working fine yesterday, and today it’s broke.

If you expand all of the dat fields, can you find this “v1” parameter through a CTRL + F search?

Yeah, doing a find on the recording, there is no “V1” that I can find, other than in the V1 in the error message.

It even shows the error in the workflow designer. So it’s something weird.

And it shows up when clicking on “Get Updates”

So I change the user it connects to, got updates, changed back, got updates and it stopped giving me the v1 error, but now I get this one instead.

Looks like a Create Subgroup task is failing as there isn’t the proper Parent ID available in the field group that the subgrouped field group is looking for.

I’ve seen this quite a few times. There are many different possibilities.
A way you can troubleshoot further would be to turn off the exceptions and put a stop right after that pre-create, then look at the recording.