New Invoice Option

I am having some issues remembering something.

How can I create a new option for invoices? I need to create a second invoice style that has some banking information on it, but I am completely drawing a blank on where the invoice report file is located so I can copy it and change it, as well as where to make the updates for report style/definitions since I can’t seem to locate invoice anywhere in the RDD or Report Maintenance screens, or anything even in the mfgsys803\server\reports folder or it’s sub folders.

What am I missing?

I am sorry, we don’t have Vantage. In Epicor we would look for Report Style. Open that form and find the report we want to add or change the style for. Then download the style to our computer and make changes as needed. Then upload the style back to the server. I do all of this from a form called Report Style. For accounts receivable it is listed under “ARForm”. I hope this helps!
Good luck!

ARForm, that’s what it is, thanks!

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