New job shows attachments

We have had attachments show up to a brand new job.

On investigating I found that they were exactly the same attachments as were on another job.

The attachments were not attached to a part - The jobs use different parts anyway.
The part is not a co-part on another job nor is it in the Method tracker as a material for the other job.

Any ideas?

Unfortunately the user deleted them before I got a good look at them. Very confusing.

As Epicor doesn’t not store when the attachment was added or who added it, it would have made checking for it difficult.

And sadly one cannot add a changelog BPM to the table that stores the attachment names. XFileRef.
XFileAttch can allow it - that might be a possibility. One would need a BAQ to find it though.

It may have come from the method of manufacturing.

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I agree with @aosemwengie1. It must have come from the method. I would question how they are getting the details. It probably was from the associated quote, job or method.

We haven’t used quoting yet. I’ve reached out about how the job was created.

Checking method tracker the parts are not used in each others methods. They have some parts in common but…

I also queried the attachment names and they only show up once in the XFileRef file. So they are not attached to parts or any other file. It’s a real puzzler.

Going through the entire XFileRef file - none of the materials in the jobs have attachments. There are very few job materials and parts in that table and none are related to the 2 jobs in question. So super puzzled. Would deleting the attachments from a job remove it from the method?