New Kinetic App/Dashboard - Access Not Allowed

I just created a new Kinetic App/Dashboard using the wizard in Application Studio. It is super basic. Just displaying a grid from a BAQ.

I created a menu item for the app, with access to all users by default.

Menu Maintenance

Menu Security

When I attempt to launch it, I get an error ‘Access Not Allowed’.


Any idea what I’m missing?

Did you allow access in the User Groups or Users panel card? Are you security manager?

I’m a security manager, and the default access is Allow. I re-used the same Menu Security ID as the ‘General Operations’ menu item (folder). All of our users have access to this menu item.

I can see the App’s menu item in the main menu, but I get the error when I try to run it.


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Have you published your app in app studio?


Wild guess, but try to remove the spaces from your application ID. You will have to export / import under a new name.

I can’t say I’ve ever seen an app with spaces in the name.


I noticed that too, I’m in the process of doing that already :slight_smile:

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I was just thinking the same. Not sure if the spaces are an issue.

You could also change the security to SEC000 (I think is a default, wide-open security) and see if it lets you through.

I CAN add that I have one dashboard that used to work awhile back… but now doesn’t. I just took a look, and wouldn’t you know it… I used spaces in the name!!! Wonder if that’s the culprit.

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So I exported the app/layer, changed the app name in the folder structure, and tried to Import the updated zip file. No errors, but the app/layer doesn’t appear in the Application Studio list.

So I changed the name back, Imported again, still doesn’t show up in the list.

I guess I’m just starting over at this point…

That should work. Are you uploading the entire MetaUIs .zip folder after you make the change?


Maybe call it something completely different. Like POSuggTracker so it’s not just a difference by spaces

I decided to just start over. I realized that the first field in the App Creation Wizard is for the actual name/ID of the app, not a descriptive name. So I named it accordingly, with no spaces. It is now working as expected.



I was hoping you were going to say you found a way to import the name change. Hahah… guess I’ll have to rebuild mine as well!

Give the import a try first, I don’t know why it didn’t work for me.

Didn’t work for me either… same results. No errors, but doesn’t appear in App Studio.

I’ve never had a problem. We do this all the time with our dashboard template. I usually do the renaming with 7Zip

It usually takes a few seconds, then I search for it with the grid filters

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OOO… i got it… I think… Instead of zipping the MetaUI folder, I zipped and uploaded the “Apps” folder… and it now appears.


Oh man, I did the same thing…

Using 7-zip to do it all without unzipping/rezipping is the way to go.


Very odd. We both got there but different paths. Uploading the Apps. zip worked for me… updated my menu and dashboard is now functional again.

Well… not something I intended to tackle today. But, a win is a win! Thanks @andrew.johnson & @mbayley for the inadvertent help, haha.