New PO Suggestion keeping old buyer

We updated a buyer on a part and the new PO suggestions after a MRP Regen is keeping the old buyer. I have checked the part class (no buyer) and supplier (Correct new buyer). Should the regen delete all the old new suggestions and create new suggestions? I thought it was suppose to delete all.

any suggestions why it is keeping the old buyer?

Did you try generating suggestions on “regenerative” again?

And if a regen doesn’t fix it… maybe something in the hierarchy?

Ref PO Suggestions Buyer Hierarchy………………KB0038809

  1. If it is a sub contract operation, look at the Operation Master for your operation and notice the Buyer
  2. If the buyer is still blank then look at the Part Master for the Part Plant Buyer.
  3. If the buyer is still blank then look at the Part Class Buyer.
  4. If the buyer is still blank then look for the system buyer (in Buyer maintenance, the Buyer who has the “System Default” flag = true).

After all the steps have been gone through, the buyerID may still end up blank. However if the BuyerID is blank then all users should be able to see the suggestion.

I have it in my head MRP will use the last PO buyer/supplier as well somewhere in that hierarchy so that may explain why you are getting the old buyer.

I knew about Part Master and Part Class and System Default but I didn’t know about the Operation Master. The buyer ID isn’t blank just keeps pulling the old buyer but maybe be like what @Robertb_versa mentions below about the last PO Buyer.

we ran MRP Regen last night and still an issue. I suggested running PO Suggestions Regen to see if it clears it out. Otherwise I would have to look at the logs to see if there is an error but not an error that is killing MRP.

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