New POLine On Rest Epicor

Hi, I trying Create a new PO line on Rest, this is my Json:
“Company”: “ON02”,
“OpenLine”: true,
“VoidLine”: false,
“PONUM”: 11,
“POLine”: 0,
“PartNum”: “713708500016”,
“IUM”: “PZA”,
“CalcOurQty”: “1”,
“QtyOption”: “Our”,
“Taxable”: true,
“PUM”: “PZA”

I changed CalcOurQty for another fields like:

"BaseQty": "1",

“XOrderQty”: “1”,
“OrderQty”: “1”,

i tried to different formats like 1.00 and Rest always says: A valid quantity is required

“HttpStatus”: 400,
“ReasonPhrase”: “REST API Exception”,
“ErrorMessage”: “A valid quantity is required.”,
“ErrorType”: “Ice.Common.BusinessObjectException”,
“ErrorDetails”: [
“Message”: “A valid quantity is required.”,
“Type”: “Error”,
“Table”: “PODetail”,
“Program”: “Epicor.RESTApi.dll”,
“Method”: “ThrowUpdateExtException”,
“ColumnNumber”: 17,
“LineNumber”: 47

can you help me?


I found the answer

was missing “CalcVendQty”: “1”,

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