New Registrations Not Allowed From Your IP Address

I suggested that a new employee on our ERP team create an account for herself here on When she attempts to create a new account, she gets the message “New registrations are not allowed from your IP address (maximum limit reached).” Can this limit be changed, or is there another way we can get her account set up?

I dont think we had any limits set, there were 3 IP addresses that were blocked… I’ve unblocked them not sure why… usually happens if the system sees an attack coming from there…

Try again,
If you can’t, please give us more information
What’s your IP, where are you coming from, screen shot of the error etc.

No luck so far.

I’ve attached a screenshot. We’re logging in from Springfield, MO.

What’s the best way to send our IP info privately?

Do you have sufficient standing to send Jose a message?

Click his name, then the Message box on his card that pops up:

I am, sadly, not that cool.

Maybe @josecgomez wil message you, and then you can reply to him.

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Hi Liz
This has been corrected, the issue is there were (are) more than 3 accounts from this location that do not use the site frequently so their trust level is 0.
This is /was a flag for the site to notate that the accounts may be spam / bots or fake.

I have increased the treshold to 10 so your co-worker can / should be able to register now.

Apologies for the inconvenience.

That did the trick, thank you!