New Set-up - Email for PDF invoices


We would like to be able to automate the sending of our invoices through PDF (and XML/BASDA). We believe there is nothing ‘out of the box’ that can do this so are having a customisation put together with Epicor.

The question is, where should I import the PDF email addresses in the customer file ? Should they be a billing contact, a UD field, or another ? Where do you store your email addresses for invoicing ?

Many Thanks !

The Customer Contacts is the best place to store the Billing Contact. Make sure to mark the record with the Billing flag.

If you have the Advanced Print Routing module, that will email documents for you.

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Hi Emma,

As John mentioned, the APR (Advanced Print Routing) module can automatically email invoices. We’ve created different report style for the different brands, and have APR send them to the customer, or to internal departments for cross-company and Amazon orders… We also have it looking to see if the customer wanted emailed, or print invoices.

Epicor uses a hierarchy to figure out who to email it to, but you could probably hard-code that to one field only. I think it’s been discussed in other posts, and it gives a close to fool proof setup (aka - if nobody ever assigned a BillTo contact, it’ll use the default contact, etc…).

Pretty capable program, IMHO.

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So rather than using a billing contact, would it be better to have a UD field for the auto invoice email ?

I use both the general billing contacts and an automation ud and I have another ud field that determines if the customer self invoices so we do not send and invoice or they want all invoices in one PDF or they want individual emails for each invoice, so everybody is happy. This is all done in a standard APR workflow. I don’t have any customers that require us to do XML/BASDA, but that could be done with a scheduled UBAQ. So not out the box, but doable with the tools in Epicor.