New Ship To Contact = Cannot insert duplicate key

We’re trying to add an existing contact on a customer as a ship to contact, but we’re getting an error “A server error occurred. Review the server event logs for details.” The Event log indicates "An error occurred while updating the entries… Violation of PRIMARY KEY constraint… Cannot insert duplicate key in ‘Erp.CustCnAttr.’… Please note this I’m told is the process we used in E9, so we think in E10 the process may have changed. Can anyone point us in the right direction?


Hi Eddie,

I have checked in our version (10.1.600.20) and I am able to add an existing ship to contact to be a customer contact and vice versa, existing customer contact to be a ship to contact. See screenshots below. No error. When user is doing new record for the contact are they typing in the number (id of contact) and tabbing and saving? This is what I am doing.



Thank you Nancy, that is exactly what we are doing and I’ve been told this has always worked before. Good to hear someone else report these steps do work. In that case I’ll open a case with support…

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