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Thanks guys for all the tips.  I finally found the step I was missing.  Here's the steps because I'm sure I'll forget them in 6 months.

Set Datasource Location
Create New Connection 
Double click on ADO.NET (XML) 
Select the file path to the new XML from the Epicor print preview you made and hit Finish
     At this point I was just hitting the close button
You must highlight the ReportDataSet that was just created and then hit the Update button(you can right click on the ReportDataSet and see the path to the xml file just in case there are more than 1 ReportDataSets to choose from)
Hit the Close button and the new data should now appear in the print preview

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I'm hoping this is an easy question and I'm just overlooking the obvious.  I've been able to modify a few epicor reports in crystal.  I can't seem to figure out how to get the data to refresh though.  

Here's a simple example.  I open up my duplicate report in crystal.  I go to the View file option and then Print Preview and set the File path to the xml doc that was created from my print preview in epicor.  Crystal then shows me my preview report with epicor data in it.  I then see a fax field that only shows up if there is data in the field.  I go back into epicor and put in a fax number in the customer master.  The fax number never shows up in crystal.  I've tried doing a Refresh Report Data, doing a Set Datasource Location and choosing a Report Data Set or creating a new connection to the new preview xml file.  I can't seem to find the right steps to refresh that data.  Thanks.

Don't take my word because It's been a while since I have used crystal, but aren't you supposed to open the xml file? If my memory serves me correctly, when you hit print preview, your file goes to a folder and you are supposed to go to where the report files location and open it up. So, basically, if you have hit print preview 3 times, you should have 3 xml files. 
Maybe I'm wrong....
Updating the Fax Number in the Customer File does not update the data in the xml file created before that information was entered. You may have to create another xml file by doing a print preview in Epicor, then Set Datasource Location to the newly created xml file.


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I've created a second xml file that actually shows the fax number in epicor.  I've even tried re-pointing my datasource location in crystal to this new xml file.  I just won't show up for some reason.  
Going back to a fuzzy beginning of my career and relationship with Epicor, here are some notes that I have had and will share with you. I really hope that this helps. And if I am wrong, please, someone correct me so that I can be set straight with the correct info and not confuse anyone in the future.

Report Data Definitions are defined in Epicor

  • System Management > Company Maintenance > Report Data Definition > Report Data Maintenance


Need to find Report Data Definition in Report

  • Report Styles (find the report that we are running, then include the field into the report fields in the Report Style)


Generate XML file (happens everytime we go to do print preview)

  • Crystal Report > Database
    > Set DataSource Location > Create New Connection
  1. Click + next to create new connection
  1. +

I believe you need to run Database - Verify Database with the new .xml file to bring in the new fields.

Not really sure about the xml stuff (didn’t have it in 6.1 and won’t in 10 due to SSRS) but one thing to check might be if you saved the report while in Report Preview mode (not Print Preview).  If so then Crystal seems to want to save the data with the report.   Look under File on the menu bar and see if Save Data with Report is check marked and if so un-check it.  That may be blocking it from going after new data.


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I've created a second xml file that actually shows the fax number in epicor.  I've even tried re-pointing my datasource location in crystal to this new xml file.  I just won't show up for some reason.  

I have found the quickest way is to delete the xml file that you used when you saved the report. You have to log out of Crystal completely after that, then when you log in again, it will ask for the new data source. I hope that helps.