New USMCA shipping paperwork required July 1st

First off I know very little about shipping outside the country, but I’ve been told new forms are required by July 1st for USMCA compliance and asked to update Epicor to ensure we stay in compliance. Please note we use QuickShip(Epicor module) for shipping. I would assume anyone else using Epicor that ships to Mexico or Canada will need to address this same problem, so hoping others more knowledgeable in this area may be able to comment to help us to better understand.

From the US side shipping to Canada or Mexico, there is no “official” US Government form (at least at this time), but most carrier websites have the list of items that need to be documented for each shipment. The most readable one I’ve found is on FedEx’s site at:

The old NAFTA Form 434 will not be acceptable.

A pretty good list of questions and answers can be found on the CBP website:

I haven’t checked the Mexican or Canadian sites for the carriers… I don’t imagine they’ll be too different but you never know.


I have skimmed through those links and the material is pretty dense and largely seems unrelated to what actually needs to be done in Epicor. Am I correct in thinking that what is needed is a “Certificate of Origin” based on the fields mentioned in the first link? I am curious if anybody has already done this or if there is a widely available solution, or something available from Epicor directly, so that we aren’t reinventing the wheel or worse yet accidentally skirting around the law.

I searched both the Epicweb site and the EpicCare site for “USMCA”… on Epicweb I got nothing, but on EpicCare I found an open case (specifically looking for an update for QuickShip) with no current resolution (last update 6/15/20).

If anyone else here has written a report for this, please chime in!

As of 6/26 Epicor now has a USMCA compatible Certificate of Origin Crystal report available for use with Quick Ship(2 versions of report available depending upon which version of Quick Ship you are using).