New WIP Report - Where's the data?

I would like to attempt to make my own WIP report. In the RDD I see that the WIP report is based on table TWip, which I can’t find in the BAQ designer. I do see three WIP tables in the BAQ designer: PartWip, PartWipTran, and WipRpt. All three tables are empty (0 records) when I query in BAQ.

Where can I find WIP data to generate my own report?

The “tables” listed in native RDD’s aren’t necessarily in the DB - even ones with matching names. They are often temporary datasets created by the underlying code of the RDD.


And FWIW - I think the WIP report is essentially a summary of the part transactions, by job. Various parttrans will move costs into WIP (like STK-MTL, PUR-MTL), and others move costs out (like MFG-CUS, MFG-STK).

At least on the material side of things. No idea how labor transactions affect the WIP report.

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I think you need a module like Advanced Material Management to use the PartWip table.
If you do not have that there is a quick and dirty way to figure out wip. Sum up all your PUR-MTL and STK-MTL transactions to the job by part number and multiply the component count by the percent of job remaining. This will show the materials remaining in the job. Not perfect but close enough for most purposes. PartTran also has the cost moved into the job so if you’re going after costing you can roll that up too.

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@NateS Most of it is in JobAsmbl. I had to make a dashboard last week that tied out to the stock wip report. Here is my BAQ.

COMP01-WorkInProcess sample.baq (37.4 KB)