No Demand Quantity

Hello all, I have some parts flagged as non-stock in order to automatically check the make-direct box for SO releases. We do occasionally run extras and put them in inventory. I have noticed that PartWhse doesn’t have a demand quantity for these parts. Is this a result of the non-stock checkbox or a result of the SO release being marked as make direct? Is the aggregate demand for parts from multiple sales orders displayed or stored in a table anywhere? The only place I have seen it at all is Job Manager. We are new to ‘make direct’ and any help you can offer is great appreciated.


If the parts are marked as non-stock, any sales order for this part number is not going to look at what you have in inventory. Parts with this designation are going to be “make direct” or “buy direct” only. Your sales people would need to manually check inventory and “override” the flag if you want them to pull parts from inventory.

@Beth - If there is insufficient stock in inventory, do you have to make separate release for the qty to come from inventory, and the qty to make up the difference?

I found an acceptable solution for this issue. In case anybody wonders, PartDtl stores each one of these ‘demand sources’ along with the Order/Line/Release. You can summarize the quantities in there by Partnum do determine your aggregate ‘make direct’ sales order demand.

@ckrusen If you create the job, there is a Pull Quantity on the Make To Order tab that allows you to pull a quantity from inventory to include with the manufactured parts to make up the order.

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