Non-Conformance Tag - Help Needed


We have a customized MTLTag Report that we use as nonconformance tags. We just noticed that if a reason code is entered during the Inspection Processing step it is not reflected back in the non-conformance table. We can also see that if we open up DMR Tracker under the History tab we can see the corrected reason code.

Thought Process/Execution

I would like to be able to reference that reason code onto our nonconformance tags if it exists. The issue is that this field is an EpiBinding:


What I need

How would I track the EpiBinding back to a field I can actually use and reference it within our tag?

In a BPM that I pieced together from examples here that sends out an email on DMR action that includes the reason info, I added DMRActn and Reason tables and used them to bring in the reason description. So, the reason code is there on the DMR Action table IIRC.

That this seems straight forward, I must be mis-interpreting your use case and what you need to do. But, since I have been ingrained in this BPM doing similar things it rang a bell to the bit of struggle I had to grab the reason description for the email.

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