Non-US Company Date Formating in DMT

Hello friends,

Recently, our Australian and Singapore company needed a DMT upload to their SPL entries. The data they provided me required various formatting changes but the date formatting has been giving me issues. Since they are non US companies, they use the DD/MM/YYY format but I have not found a way to configure DMT or adjust the .csv spreadsheet in a way that I do not a get an error on the date format.

I have requested a couple of times that they provide the data in a NA format but they don’t seem to be able pull the date field in another format. I have also tried pulling the data directly from SQL but it seems that my date formats are pulling incorrectly, as well. Anyone have tips on multi-company DMTs?

Hi Mark

I’m based in Canada so use DD/mm/YYYY. I think DMT just uses your Microsoft user profile localisation settings so not a real need to convert. I do always set my DMT/Excel to show the 3 letter month to validate items though.