Not able to join OrderHed table for PackSlip

I am trying to get the terms from the sales order onto the packing slip, because the company wants to use it as a commercial invoice. The OrderHed table is present in the RDD already, so I figured it would be easy to add a relationship to the RDD and a join in the RDL. The columns are included, the relationship is there, and the query syntax is all correct…but I am getting an error:

Query execution failed for dataset ‘ShipHeadShipDtl’. —> System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException: Invalid column name ‘OrderNum’.

Has anyone else had issues with this RDD?

Can you share a screen grab of the Relationships tab, showing how you are relating OrderHed -> ShipHead and ShipHead -> ShipDtl.

Add a relationship on the existing OrderHed table? Or add the Terms table and a relationship between it and OrderHed?

@fredmeissner - The base RDD for PackSlip already has a calculated field for Terms Description in the ShipHead table. Just add the field in the Query expression (as T1.Calc_TermsDescription), and add the Query Field.

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I think I may have had a mismatch between the RDD I was modifying and the RDD in the Report Style. Thanks for pointing out the calculated field, I went ahead with using that.