Not Enough Space on Disk Error

I have a few users that get a message stating “There is not enough space on the disk” when trying to print a Crystal Report from Epicor.
It makes no reference to which disk.
The drive the SQL server is on has 106GB free.
The C: drive has 46GB free.
Thought it might be the SQL database trying to expand, but it’s set to expand by 1MB instead of a percentage.

Any ideas?


Crystal reports typically saves XML files onto a shared drive. Check where your reports are saving that XML, odds are that’s the drive that full. I’m guessing it’s somewhere on your apps server in “…/EpicorData/Reports/…”

That one has 24GB free.

Did you check the client’s computer? Also is it just one report or any they try to print?

If it’s just one report, try the Epicor “Standard” version. I’ve seen customized RDDs pull some crazy amounts of data and could perhaps cause a overflow iirc Crystal is 32bit

User has 185GB free on her drive.
It sounds like just that one specific quote failed to run, but she came in this morning and it worked just fine.
I was also able to run it on my PC.
I’ve had this happen on a few automated reports that I have set to run. The first few will run just fine and the last few will fail with that error.

Some kind of weird fluke maybe we moved to all SSRS when we went to 10.1. In 10.0 we had a mix and it was a PITA. Though it was a PITA to get them rebuilt in SSRS, it’s been better since.

For the ones that fail, if you can, I’d look at the XML. Could be a fluke or --undocumented feature-- but maybe something in the XML would give a clue what’s going on.

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Yeah–it’s on the “To Do’s”, lol.

I’ll see if I can get any clues from the XML the next time it happens.


It was on our “To Do” list for years too. :wink: