Not enough unallocated inventory in this bin for this transaction?

Hello I am gettin this error when trying to ship a customer shipment entry

is there a way I can debug this and see which part it is talking about?

there are allocations for the part. look in part tracker and see which order has a allocation. if you don’t typically allocate materials to orders or jobs, you will sometimes see this if there is an open pack slip with the same part.

Right but I was wondering if there was a faster way to do it as their are 151 parts that I would have to open in part tracker.

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Do you normally allocate materials?

For a facility that did not normally use allocations, I had written a quick search to find open pack slips with the order or same parts.

You could do a BAQ or ideally SQL that shows the PartAlloc records for all parts on SO 205125. Then compare it to PartBin to see how many you actually have on-hand. That error message means you dont have enough inventory ship against the part number. To explain further, your OHQ may be sufficient, but of that inventory, its expected to ship between multiple orders. So your demand total demand exceeds how much is available to be fulfilled. A couple ways to resolve this issue, first find the competing order and unreserve it, ship this order, then re-reserve the original order. Another way (not ideal), adjust in the difference, ship your order in question and adjust out the difference you just put in.

I’ve known about this for about two years now, and for some reason I never came here with the question.

I mean, this is really, really absurd to not know what part is the problem.

I had thought this column had the key to the puzzle (from my notes two years ago)…

…but I tried today and it’s all zeroes (and line 31 does have an allocation of 4 EA that I need to know about):

No one has a solution for this, to figure out what part number is the problem?

I guess the options are:

  1. Never be wrong on inventory :white_check_mark:
  2. Look up dozens of parts by hand in Part Tracker as @BlakeW said :wink:
  3. A BAQ based on the sales-order number and remaining quantity (and not the pack number since you can’t save the lines till you know what’s wrong, and if you put in zeroes, it deletes the lines)
  4. Maybe a BPM?
  5. Picking parts via handheld?

#5 has me thinking. We hit this issue because of using mass-shipment. But I suppose if you were picking real-time, the picker would know right then what part number didn’t have enough unallocated inventory? Is that right?

If you look at this particular order in Fulfilment Workbench does it give some insights.

So, to be clear, I don’t need a solution to today’s problem. We figured it out today and that’s in the past now. I just want to know how people avoid this on a regular basis. What are we systemically doing wrong? (Yes, not having enough unallocated inventory in the bin, I know, ha ha.)

@Vinaykamboj Not so much on FWB. I don’t see the primary bin on FWB, so how could you ever figure which part/line was the problem in the shipment? (FYI the culprit is part 10695 in bin S30CD - I know because this is a test scenario.)