Not getting PO Suggestion for purchase part

We have a fair amount of backlog that is past due because of the inability to get material and we wanted to allow the system to show when something should have been started even if it was in the past - if that makes sense.

Could you try running the MRP as Net Change and see if the parts you don’t have suggestions for show up?

We currently have an issue and an Epicor case where we run the MRP as Regenerative but some of our parts don’t have any suggestions but if we run a Net Change MRP straight after the suggestions show again.

Would be good if we can find another instance of this happening.

I could try that in the morning after the MRP run overnight. What version are you on?

We’re in Public Cloud version 2022.2.8

Hi Brandon/Wendy,

I have seen days of supply do interesting things especially with long lead parts. Wendy I would experiment with pushing that DOS out past the lead time to see the effect, perhaps set it at 100 and see if you get expected suggestions.


Thanks! I’ll try that!

I swear Epicor has picked this week to see if it can break me…

Is Consolidated Purchasing selected in error - we had this on parts and MRP would look at them

  • wouldn’t

Nope…no consolidate purchasing…

On the Part’s Part Class?

Nope…I double checked. And it seems to be the only part that is currently causing trouble…