Not sure how to create same part revisions in multiple sites/plants

E here. We had multiple sites set up in the past but did all manufacturing out of one facility, the rest were basically warehouses. We’re now starting to do simple operations at the warehouse sites, and I have BOM/BOO that are set up in the main site that I would like to use at the other sites/plants. Is there any way to toggle this in the revision so that it can be used more than one location?

Related: I can start a new revision in the main plant, copy the details from the old revision, approve it, check it in - and then in part entry I can unapprove the rev and change the plant to the new plant. It initially has operations tied to the old plant but I can add new ones and reassociate the materials to the new operation. This seems super clunky to me. I also run into issues with sub assemblies that dont have proper revisions in the new plant.

Other than recreate every BOO/BOM/Rev in the new plant this way, am I missing a really easy way to do this with DMT or something?

A few thoughts:
Helped a client when they split their operations between two plants and moved into the new plant, somethings we learned:
-we were tempted to just change the associated plant with the revision, this only half worked and caused other issues with Resources.

  1. We first created the appropriate resources and operations in the new plant.
  2. Used BAQ’s to pull the old plant’s Revisions, BOO & BOM’s in a DMT compatible format.
  3. Used DMT to ‘add’ Part Plant records for all the BOM records (if one already exists it errors and skips)
  4. Used Excel to increment all Revisions for the new plant and to set the new plant ID.
  5. Used DMT to create all the Revisions for the new plant.
  6. Used Excel to replace any differing Op Codes. (in our case that’s all we had to change since our operations always used the same resources, if you have a more complex setup where your methods specify resources different than those on the Operation you will need additional DMT loads)
  7. Used DMT to load the BOO & BOM
  8. Any errors would be left in the DMT ECO Group for manual review. We only had a few dozen that ran into issues.
    Two years later, no reported issues.

I’d say that DMT is your tool of choice.

However, depending on the scope of the differences you may be able to just use Alternate methods instead. If you can provide more information on the scope I can explain if Alternate methods would work and how you would load those.


Thanks Rick. Looks like I’ve got a blueprint for what is ahead of me. I appreciate your insight.

Revisions are not the correct thing to use for a plants BOM and BOO. You should be using Alternate Methods instead, one for each plant and enter the plant specific Alternate Method number in the Part Plant Alt Method field.

If you use Revisions, Epicor will create jobs using the most recent revision rather than the revision with plant specific BOMs and BOOs.


YES! Thank you for this! I just played with this and this is what I was looking for all along. Thank you for replying