Notification Counter

The notification count in the site icon is pretty cool … when it works right.


I often have a number up there, when no notifications are unread. Only by closing the tab and re-opening the site does it clear.

Hmmm… I read all three notifications, and the counter in the icon remained. Openaing another tab to, and the new one is clear…


Is that a Chrome issue or a website issue?

Probably Chrome.

My guess as to how it works…

  • This page has tags in it to indicate the URL for the site icon.
  • When the page requests the icon, it sends a cookie with your userID.
  • Instead of just providing a static image file for the icon resource, it returns one that include the unread count for your user id.

I’d guess that the browser (via code in the web page) must regularly re-request the icon image resource.

That’s what I used to see in GMail too…

If you refresh it goes away

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