Number of Inspection Test Set in database increase when generate new test set


Good Day.
In the Inspection Results Entry screen, i wanted to re-enter the inspection result on my previous entries. So i select “No” when i was asked “Would you like to re-inspect using the existing inspection results data?”. So, i get to enter my data to the newly generated test set (The sample size is 6).

I then print the result and system shows 12 lines of data entries which includes the previous 6 lines of data that i no needed any more.

Is there any indicator to show which is the latest or valid so that my report is accurate?
Looking forward for your reply. Thank you in advance.

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Hi bordway,

No. I don’t think SysRevID will help.

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Epicor does suggest me to sort Inspect Date and Inspect Time to get the latest record.
But my report baq still shows 12 lines of records. And i cannot fix the number of row in the baq because each part sample size will be different.