Obscure accounting anomoly

So we have odd issue where the InvoiceDtl table doesn’t match the GL transaction. For some reason the InvcDtl shows $0 for all of the burden costs, but if you look at the GLtransaction tracker for that transaction, the burden shows as $22.61. I don’t get how they could be different… For other parts at least one of the burden amounts in the InvoiceDtl matches the GLtransaction. There seems to be a few problem parts. Has anyone else ever seen this before?

Hi Brandon,

I came across your post here from close to a month ago due to similar error we are experiencing on 10.1.600.5. Did you get it fixed? I think that the SCR 204265 is supposed to help. Epicor is refusing to provide a one-off and telling us to upgrade yet again to 10.1.600.9. We’re trying to stabilize from this upgrade a month ago… they’re killing us :frowning:

Our support call:
Problem Description:
Upgraded from 9.05 on 7/31
Went live on 10.1.600.5 on 8/31
Ran Inventory WIP Reconciliation Report for Posted Only for August
Report is in balance but is missing transactions
They are missing Burden transactions from Invoices for Standard Costed Items
They are missing the debits to COS and credits to Clearing
They funnel everything through a clearing account
The clearing account has a balance and it should be $0
SCR 204265

I have not had a chance to look at it again since I posted this. It was just a couple of small transactions so I didn’t worry about it too much. We are on 10.1.600.5, we are planning to upgrade again soon.

Out of curiosity, what did you upgrade from that is giving you so many problems? We went from 10.0.700.4 to 10.1.600.4 and quickly to .5. It didn’t give us too many problems. From what I understand the small jumps shouldn’t cause many changes, especially considering how fast they come out, it’s pretty tough to do a full test every couple weeks.

Hi Brandon,

We upgraded from 905702a.


yeah, that’s a big jump. You’ve got work to do…

I’m also experiencing the same issue; Burden Cost not writing to the Invoice Detail table. It looks as though the standard Sales Margin Report keys off the InvcDetail table, as that report is missing all Burden related COS. This issue is across all of our invoices.

We are on 10.1.600.5; has anyone found a solution other then upgrading?

Hi Lucas,
We got a one off for 10.1.600.5 and sql fix for 203567. Tell support a one off has already been created for your version (CS0000585989 - 09-07 OOR 203567 IWR Report missing Invoice ).

We found that using this sql select statement (modified from Epicor’s update query) let us know records in error. If yours get pulled with this, then maybe this 203567 fix will help you too.

SELECT TOP (2000) d.*
Erp.PartTran AS p ON d.Company = p.Company AND d.PackNum = p.PackNum AND d.PackLine = p.PackLine AND d.BurUnitCost <> p.BurUnitCost
WHERE (d.COSPosted = 0) AND (p.RevertStatus = 0) AND (p.TranQty > 0) AND (p.PackType = ‘C’) AND (p.TranType <> ‘ADJ-CUS’) AND (p.TranType <> ‘ADJ-CST’) AND
(p.TranType <> ‘MFG-CUS’) AND (d.BurUnitCost = 0) AND (p.BurUnitCost > 0) OR
(d.COSPosted = 0) AND (p.RevertStatus = 0) AND (p.TranQty > 0) AND (p.PackType = ‘C’) AND (p.TranType <> ‘ADJ-CUS’) AND (p.TranType <> ‘ADJ-CST’) AND
(d.BurUnitCost = 0) AND (p.BurUnitCost > 0) AND (p.CostMethod = ‘S’)