ODBC connection with Excel 2016

Hello All,
I’m a long time user of pulling data from our Vista/Vantage 8 Progress database into Excel 2002 using ODBC. Now I have upgraded to Excel 2016 (32-bit version) and my old Excel queries work ok, but I’m not understanding how to make a new query from scratch to pull information from our Progress database. Can anyone help me?


  1. Select the Data tab on the ribbon

  2. Select: Get External Data -> From Other Sources -> From MS Query

  3. Choose the ODBC connection. (look in one of the existing Excel Files that has the connection that works, to see which one to use

  4. Add the tables you need. (Start with just one. You can add more later)

  5. Double click or Drag the columns you want to the grid area

  6. Add any criteria to limit the results (you may have to click the Show Criteria button)

  7. Use the Add Tables toolbar icon to add other tables

  8. Connect the tables to indicate how records are joined.

  9. Use the Return Data button to return to Excel and place the query