ODBC issue with Progress 9.0B, Merant 3.5, and Microsof t

I have been using the Merant ODBC drivers with Microsoft Access to query
Vantage since November 1999 and have experienced no problems until now.
Recently I have been getting an "ODBC -call failed" message when I try to
load a Vantage table I have loaded multiple times before. (This problem did
not occur until after I upgraded to patch 811 but I'm not sure that has
anything to do with it.) Even when the error occurs with one Vantage table,
other tables are still accessible from the same Access database so I know
the ODBC link is still alive. I have been successful in deleting the link
and then re-establishing it but this is a poor "fix" and doesn't always

I already have one application that passes shipment information from Vantage
into UPS's Worldship product. The application uses Access to extract the
shipment information from Vantage and then put the information in a form
compatible to UPS. The loss of ODBC connectivity to the shipment tables
could cause us to not be able to ship.

I talked with tech-support and they could only say that Progress isn't very
friendly with Microsoft Access and that I'm not the only one experiencing an
ODBC problem. Any suggestions?

H. Dale Puls
Pacesetter Electronics

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