I personally have never had a problem installing other hardware in Gateway
computers. If you call Gateway and ask them if something is compatible or
not, of course they will tell you that you have to buy it through them.
They're not going to suggest you buy it somewhere else.

Dave Poskevich
Systems Analyst


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I have a gateway at home and when i tried to upgrade my vifdeo card i had to
go through gateway because the video card was somewhat built around the
machine (just for gateway). I can't be sure abour CDR/W but i would call
them give them the model of your machine BIOS etc and ask them first.

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From: Wendy Pursche [mailto:wpursche@...]
Sent: Monday, July 10, 2000 2:06 PM
Subject: [Vantage] off-subject

Thanks for all of your responses about the HP printers. I have another
question off of the topic. I know some of the companies out there have
Gateway workstations. I have heard that Gateway is only compatible with
Gateway. Is this true? I am looking to install a R/W CDROM on a
workstation. Do I have to buy it from Gateway or can I buy it from another

Thanks again!

Wendy Pursche
Network Administrator
Schmald Tool & Die, Inc.
(810) 743-1600 ext.323

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