[off topic] Digitiser/Tablet

Hi All

I am looking to purchase a digitiser or tablet or something to enable direct
or dxf/iges input into Mastercam to generate part programs for sheet metal
hand bend tooling. The two products I've been quoted on are Wacom and
Calcomp, so far I'm being told the accuracy isn't that great and conflicts
occasionally with the mouse. Our tolerance is line thickness, typically 10
thou (inches).

We are currently plotting developed foil loft data on a scale grid, input
the data into Mastercam and draw the part, export to Autocad, 1:1 scale
print and compare the output against the loft.

Plan B is to try scanning, get the result into Autocad and thence Mastercam,
but I haven't really given a lot of thought to that yet.

There just has to be a better way than the existing scenario. Any
ideas/comments/solutions gratefully received.

Regards Chris Reed