[OFF TOPIC]Maintenance Software


I received a letter last Friday from a company called Smartware Group in New
Hampshire. This is supposedly at least two of the developers that wrote
Maintenance Manager. They have a product called Smart Maintenance which is
compatible with Maintenance Manager and they are offering a 30% discount and
free maintenance for one year for prior users of Maintenance Manager.

The price is a lot less that anything else I have found and if you used the
old product, your data is 100% transferable to this product. Price is
$1,195 for a stand-alone version, $2,495 for a network with 1-5 users and
$250 for each additional user. The 30% discount is good until the end of
the month.

Has anyone else received this letter? Are these the same people (company
owners) that sold us down the river with Maintenance Manager or just the
ones that developed the software?

Dave Cole

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