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In addition to Shirley's suggestion, there is also
WinWhatWhere (the favorite of spouses everywhere),
available at:

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Does anyone know of any utility, of software package
that can analyze the amount of time a PC is in use? We
are looking to find out how much certain PCs are actually
used. We looking to start tracking usage to see what usage
that PCs get. I know that I can get log in and log out times,
but some of our people log in, let it sit most of the day, and
log out when they go home, which doesn't really tell us how
much the PC was actually used.
Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Tim Care
Electro Chemical Finishing

Try the above link. Look for the program called RED HAND. It is
inexpensive and provides DETAILED (VERY DETAILED) information on the
computer it is installed on. It is also possible to make it invisible to
the user. You can access its usage information remotely also.

Shirley Graver
Rubber Associates Inc.

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