Off Topic - Proxy

We're using MS Proxy and a hardware firewall/router on a DSL. The
only problems I have had so far are connecting to time servers and
bringing in streaming Real Audio/Video...not major issues.

MS Proxy is OK if you don't mind reading through log files for a
breach. Other software firewalls will display alerts or even shutdown
your connection to the Internet if a hack attempt has been made on
your network. With MS Proxy, you'll read about it in the log files
once it is too late.

Proxy will track all Internet traffic on your network by NT username.
The log files are nice to see who is going where on the Internet.
Proxy is not bad if you don't mind reading log files.

I think its pretty easy to use and configure. If you're planning on
running in-house web servers and/or Exchange with web access, go with
something more powerful, plus a hardware firewall.

What is your opinion of MS Proxy Server as a firewall. I have been using it
for a couple of years on a dial-up line. I'm now switching to full time
DSL. Do you think I need something $tronger?

Bob Bruton
Entek Corp.

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