Office 365 and Epicor Attachments

We recently made the move to Office 365. In the past, we have stored documents on a shared drive and create the link to Epicor objects (quotes, sales orders, RMA’s) in Epicor.
The shared drive is no longer going to be an option moving forward and we are supposed to start storing the documents within SharePoint.
My problem is twofold.

  1. how might I approach moving the existing files on the current shared drive over into SharePoint in the same “structure” as the current file system and
  2. how might I re-establish the links in Epicor to point to the new SharePoint links to those files?

Based on AWESOME feedback from someone else… you need to review content of these tables!

XFileRef and XFileAttch

While therse tables MAP the attachment location… for u…

  1. MOVE the file as required
  2. Update the mapping within the tables (SQL)
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Like Joe said, XFileRef (a unique reference to your file) and XFileAttch (the documents those files are linked to) are your areas of interest.

You could write a BAQ to extract the files (XFileRef) with their locations and then use a PowerShell script to load them into SharePoint. Google has lots of links for this.

You could then write a BAQ to create the attachment files and load them via DMT.

I don’t do SQL because:
a.) I’m chicken sh!t
b.) We’re SaaS clients

Mark W.

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@Aaron_Moreng Did you have any issues setting this up…was it straight forward? Did you have any issues with O365 and permissions?

I haven’t looked into it in E10 but if your SharePoint farm is not on premise, you run into authentication issues. The quick setup in Epicor is designed for SharePoint On Prem.