Old scala instalation : migrating server 2000 -> 2003


We have an ancient server running Win2000 + SQL Server 2000 (8.0) + Scala + iScala 2.3 users. Our users still need the old data from this server and i virtualized it as i fear the old server will crash in minutes - years. Now it runs ok on Proxmox and i shutdown the old server.

I tried to upgrade Win2000 Server to Win2003 server : Sql Server 2000 still works, Scala icon on taskbar tells me that all services are running ok, but users receive the following error when they are connecting from their workstations using iScala 2.3 (WinDS running from a network share) : “Application loading failed! Unable to find logon server”. If i run iScala 2.3 as domain administrator from their workstations it works - if i run as user with administrator rights i receive the same error.

Does anyone have a clue or tips to repair this error ? I should mention that the people who installed and mantained the system are retired, i don’t know too much about Scala and i’m trying to squeeze the most i can from that virtual machine like better virtualization drivers for 2003 with possibility to run virtio with scsi to obtain a better vhd disk speed, possibility to install an antivirus, etc.