OLE Crystal Report Prompts for Database Login


I am having an issue with a custom OLE report on Vantage 8. This report was migrated form one environment to another. This report uses a stored procedure which was also brought over to the new environement. I was able to update the data source location for the report and it does now run and show data from the new environement. However whenever i run the report it wants me to enter a login for the database. I tried making a .udl file and linking it to the report with login credentials I know work. However when the pop up for the database login appears it has Sysprogress as the user name (this is trying to run the report from the Vantage 8 menu), so i’m not sure if it is even trying to use my .udl file i made. So i’m a little confused as to what i need to configure to get these to run without prompting for a database login. If someone could point me the right direction it would be greatly appreciated.


First question would be: are you making a report that is based on Vantage Data? If so, use a BAQ Report and avoid database access completely.
Vantage/Epicor will display the User/Login Prompt for any Crystal report that is not a BAQ Report. If you don’t need the user/pass, then make a BAQ Report that simply opens that Crystal Report. It won’t actually use the BAQ, but will run your version instead.

Thanks for the reply, I’ll give that a try.