On Hand Qty

Hi All.

I am looking at the On Hand QTY on Part Tracker. The system says I have 15 on hand. These 15 are on a packslip. The question is does the on hand qty INCLUDE what is on a packslip that has not been shipped?
EG QTY ON HAND =15, QTY ON PACK =15, QTY on hand displayed =15

If the answer is yes to the above - I have another Scenario for a different product - Which is also on a packslip, however in this case the QTY on Hand Reflected show the QTY LESS what is on the packslip. EG QTY on HAND = 0. QTY on Pack = 5 - On Hand QTY displayed is 0

The inventory transaction to remove parts from stock doesn’t happen until you “ship” the pack slip. Until that happens, the parts ON the pack slip that have not been shipped still show in inventory as available to ship on any other pack slip.

If you have Advanced Material Management, you can hard allocate inventory a sales order, making it unavailable to any other sales order. Without that, it would become Dashboard City to show you what you want to see…


Personal preference, I like using Job Manager when viewing the On Hand QTYs instead of Part Tracker, as it quickly shows how many parts are showing as available.